How to Change Strings on a Classical Guitar without Bridge Pins

October 19, 2015

Changing Classical guitar strings is a little more complicated than a steel string acoustic guitar or electric guitar because a nylon string guitar requires special knots and stringing techniques unique to this style of guitar. Below, I show you the best way to restring your guitar, so you can get it right, every time. It has been said that replacing strings one at a time is better for the guitar because it maintains tension on the neck. Not true. However, replacing strings one at a time can be more convenient for this reason I will change one string at a time.

  1. Loosen the sixth string (Low E) by turning tuning peg counter-clockwise until the string is loose. You won’t need to unwind the string completely, just enough so that you can manually unwind the string from the peg.
  2. Untie the knot at the bridge then remove the old string from the tuning peg and the bridge.
  3. Take the new low E string and slip about 3 inches of it through its hole in the bridge.1
  4. Then, pull the end over the bridge and wrap it around the left side of the string and underneath itself.2
  5. Loop the end of the string under the length of string that runs over the bridge at least twice before pulling the end of the string out the bottom so that the loops tighten.4
  6. Place the other end of the sting through the hole in the tuning peg making sure that there is a little slack on the string.5
  7. Pull the free end of the string up and around the top of the tuner roller and pass it around the rest of the string and back under the loop. The knot you are forming with the string is called a Half Hitch.6
  8. Tighten the string by turning the tuning peg clockwise and tune the string to the right pitch with a guitar tuner.8
  9. Repeat all the previous steps for the other 5 strings.
  10. Once you change all of the strings, you can trim the loose ends of the strings with a pair of wire cutters so that it looks clean and professional.
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