Apple to Bundle Beats Music with iPhone and iPad in 2015

November 21, 2014

Beats MusicApple will bundle the subscription music service it bought from Beats into its iOS operating system early next year, according to a report in the Financial Times newspaper. This means, the service will be available on every iPhone and iPad – whether you like it or not.

The report claims that Beats will be probably be rebranded under the iTunes label, and will continue to operate on a paid subscription model, taking advantage of apple’s new mobile payments service to enable customers to subscribe with just one touch of the iPhone’s fingerprint reader.

The move represents Apple’s first attempt to capitalize Beats since it bought Beats Music’s parent company Beats Electronics for $3 billion earlier this year.

According to Midia Research, a music analysis firm, Beats Music has about 110,000 subscribers. As iPhones and iPads are spread out globally, integrating Beats Music in to their devices will give the streaming service a chance to reach out to a larger audience and boost sales.

If accurate, this feature will mean that Apple will directly compete with Spotify which has been ruling the music streaming industry for a long time. Other competitors include SoundCloud and Pandora.

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