10 Best Songs of 2013

December 28, 2013

1. Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams, “Get Lucky”

I listen to this summer hit and can almost picture the 70’s again, but with enough of Daft Punk’s flair to keep it relevant in the present. It is an easily identifiable single, that is as close to a flawless disco jam as possible, and in many ways the best song Pharrell has been a part of since the first N.E.R.D album.

2. Miley Cyrus, “We Can’t Stop”

A teenage anthem that marked Miley’s rebirth and it’s a departure from her previous work, as it’s a mixture of pop, dance and R&B and not too electronic or rock heavy. The lyrics are pretty shallow, but everyone knows this song is pretty catchy.

3. Kanye West, “Black Skinhead”

Many will be offended just by the title, but will have no idea that it isn’t a racist song at all. The lyrics are great. It evokes the presence of the baroque style of his previous work, although much more simplistic, repetitive and far from impressive. The intimidating rolling drums dominate the track as Kanye raps and screams over it. It truly is one of Kanye’s best songs to date.

4. Lorde, “Royals”

Some songs get stuck in your head. This was a good song to get stuck there because its message is clear. She’s not your run of the mill, gold digging, diamond chasing, or fame whore. Instead they are simple folks with a bit of rowdy…cute. “Royals” has a fresh, crisp, and unusual sound not often heard in the pop music world.

5. Eminem feat. Rihanna, “The Monster”

Rihanna has that wonderful voice, singing that she is friends with that monster under her bed, and then Eminem’s forceful poetry jabs into the next space, speaking of the reality of fame. If you couldn’t understand the words…the incredible rhythm of Eminem’s style, along with Rihanna’s punctuation, would make it a special hit. You will hear this song everywhere but never get tired of it I promise.

6. Avicii, “Wake Me Up”

Avicii has successfully appealed to the majority with his unique new twist on electronic music. “Wake Me Up” has truly taken the world by storm and set entirely new standards for DJs across the globe. This song was a catalyst for others to take a step out of genre boundaries and explore more appealing concepts. The mixture of elements from dance, pop, and country music is accomplished to wonderful effect.

7. Ciara, “Body Party”

Glad Ciara is back! We know why “Body Party” is given her the biggest hit she’s had in years. It is so smooth, laid back and sensual with Ciara singing oh so softly with her raising it up leading into the chorus.  Something we’ve rarely seen Ciara dish out as a single.

8. Bruno Mars, “Treasure”

I picked up this one because I heard it on the radio and quickly realized that it didn’t sound like anything else on the radio today. Good song with an older tempo that mends new ago music with older age style. Bruno buts out this nostalgic 80’s type single to get people dancing.

9. Drake feat. Majid Jordan, “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

The slow easy rhythm lends itself to easy listening for a hip-hop fan. This song really makes you want to just save a girl from something negative in her life and just hold her hand. There is no profanity, so the whole family can enjoy it.

10. The Neighbourhood, “Sweater Weather”

I heard it on the radio on the drive home and it has the perfect balance of catchy and alternative.  The change up in the guitar and slower pace of the song towards the end is beautiful, and I love that they don’t go back to the original speed after the bridge. “Sweater Weather” will just put you in a great mood.

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