Danish Singer Emmelie de Forest Wins Eurovision Song Contest

May 19, 2013

Emmelie de ForestDanish singer Emmelie de Forest has won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with a barefoot performance backed by flutes and drums.

Emmelie de Forest, 20, had been the overwhelming favorite among the 26 entries, with her song “Only Teardrops.” Farid Mammadov of Azerbaijan finished second with the song “Hold Me,” ahead of Ukraine’s Zlata Ognevich with “Gravity” in third place. There was disappointment for Ireland’s Ryan Dolan as he finished in last place with the song “Only Love Survives.”

“It makes me feel closer to the ground, the earth and makes me feel more relaxed.” Emmelie said before she sang her up-tempo tune barefoot.

The 58-year-old pan-European competition viewed by some 125 million people worldwide is hailed by its legion of devoted fans as harmless, kitschy fun that allows Europeans to forget their differences for at least one night. This year’s contest is being hosted in Malmo, southern Sweden.

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