Charlie Simpson Plays World’s Coldest Concert

November 30, 2012

Charlie Simpson has set a new World Record and entered the Guinness Book of Records by performing the world’s coldest concert.

The Fightstar frontman did the one-off gig to residents of a tiny Siberian town, Oymyakon, which known as the “pole of cold” and is famed for being the coldest permanently inhabited place on the planet. The British rocker faced down temperatures of -30˚C to perform a 15-minute set.

Before the gig he told The Daily Express “I had a training day with a paratrooper who shut me in an industrial freezer for an hour while I tried to sing and play guitar.” Charlie was warned by doctors that exposing his skin to such low temperatures could be damaging – but he staved off the cold by putting hand warmers into his clothes.

Former Fightstar and Busted frontman told Sky News it had been one of the most painful experiences of his life, particularly in his fingers, the most exposed part of his body.

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