Arcade Fire Release Teaser for New Single

May 21, 2010

Arcade FireCanadian band Arcade Fire have posted a preview of their upcoming 12-inch single “The Suburbs” online.

Arcade Fire have posted two clips from both sides of the 12-inch vinyl single on their website, allowing fans to hear small sections of “The Suburbs” and “Month Of May”. To hear the songs, you could just spin a virtual vinyl record using your mouse.

“The Suburbs” is a piano-led pop song while the B-side “Month of May” is a hefty rocker. “The Suburbs/Month of May” will be in stores in less than two weeks, it’s the first single from their new album.

According to Australian radio station Triple J, Arcade Fire recorded and mixed about 38 songs, which raising the possibility of a double album. Arcade Fire have been working on their third album with Markus Dravs, who produced their last album “Neon Bible”. The new album, is expected sometime around the festivals.

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