Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Earns $20 Million in one Day

October 30, 2009

Michael Jackson's This Is ItJust a few months after his death, the King of Pop’s documentary “This Is It” has started off with a bang during only its opening night. The movie earned $20.1 million at worldwide box offices in its first day.

The movie documents Michael Jackson’s rehearsals footage for the 50-concert comeback tour in London. It shows Jackson mentoring his team for the 50 shows, as well as him creating, developing, and ultimately staging the high-tech performances. More than 100 hours of rehearsal hours were recorded before Jackson died, which was turned into a 108-minute movie.

The movie’s director Kenny Ortega confirmed that when Jackson had recorded video footage of himself rehearsing, he never had the intention of releasing it to the public, but after Jackson’s death, it was agreed that the movie be made and released for Jackson’s fans.

Steve Elzer, a spokesman for Columbia Pictures, said the movie is a “reaffirmation of the global appeal of Michael Jackson,”. Jackson’s mother, Katherine stated that she cannot watch the movie, still under grief by Jackson’s death, but hopes to watch it “another time”.

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  • Mr Cash says:

    April 15, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Nice blog at blog.lyricsorbit.com. Michael Jackson was a great pop star. I just read that the Texas Medical Board has restricted the doctor charged in Michael Jackson’s death from administering the drug authorities say was responsible for killing the pop star.

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